UPVC Bi-fold Doors

UPVC Bi-fold Doors

Nothing is more imortant when designing your home than the window & door selection. The 3 most important ‘S’ factors to consider are: Sustainability (Energy Efficiency), Style and Security. The whole character and thermal performance of your home will be decided by the choices you make at the design phase.

Bring the view in by connecting the inside with the outside, creating another ‘outdoor’ room. The resulting larger space is great for entertaining large numbers of people.

Choose any number of door panels and styles.

Other benefits:

You can use a single door hinged separately to act as a normal door when the other door panels are closed and locked in position or fold all the doors panels back for an uninterrupted view.
If the doors are required to open outwards, pleated retractable insect screens can be easily fitted to the inside frame, not impeding any walkway or furniture on the inside of your home.

There are many colour choices: White, faux wood grain, silver and more.

The frames are uPVC with an internal steel core offering as good thermal insulation as timber.

Are you looking to make your home energy efficient?

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