6 Ways to Keep Your House Warm in the Cooler Months

6 Ways to Keep Your House Warm in the Cooler Months
March 24, 2020 admin

At EE Windows, we’re all about energy efficiency and the various actions you can take throughout the year to save energy, money and the environment. As we head into the cooler months of Autumn and Winter, there are different things that you can be doing around your home to help maintain a cosy temperature indoors, even if the temperatures are dropping outside. Below are our top 6 tips:

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Close your curtains at night

As it gets dark and the sun goes down, the temperatures also drop so make sure you close your curtains before sunset. Curtains or blinds will add an extra layer of protection against the cooler air on the external side of your windows.

Open your curtains during the hottest part of the day

It will benefit you to open your curtains anytime after sunrise in the mornings but you will get the most benefit from midday to 3pm. Opening all of your curtains and blinds during these hours will allow your windows to take in warmth from the sun and naturally heat your home.

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Energy-efficient windows

If you’re interested in making a bigger change for thermal efficiency in your home, then energy-efficient windows and doors are definitely the way forward. Double glazed, timber or uPVC windows and doors are one of the most effective ways to keep your electricity bill down during the Winter because they provide levels of insulation that other windows simply cannot. In the long term, these purchases will make an excellent investment.

Add rugs

Adding rugs to any hard flooring like wood or tiles will help to insulate your home and keep the heat in. What’s more, you’ll feel less cold when walking throughout your home in your bare feet and they’ll add more of a cosy vibe to your home for Winter.

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Reverse your ceiling fans

During Winter always make sure that your ceiling fans are spinning anti-clockwise (most kinds of ceiling fans can be set to spin in either direction). Because warm air rises, this will help to push it back down into the room for circulation rather than allowing it to escape through the ceiling.

Make sure there’s good airflow

While it can be pretty tempting to move your armchair right next to the fire or hang your washing on a rack right next to your heater, try to avoid blocking any sources of heat that you do have. Ultimately, crowding any heat sources will do more harm than good as you aren’t allowing the warmth to circulate and heat up your home.

At EE Windows, all of our products are designed to provide maximum insulation and thermal efficiency as well as being eco-friendly. If you want to make some long term adjustments to your home that reduce your electricity bill all year round and regulate the temperature of your home, then get in touch with us today!