Case Study - Oakmont Lane, Sanctuary Cove

Case Study – Oakmont Lane, Sanctuary Cove
March 13, 2019 admin

The Gold Coast really is Australia’s paradise. There aren’t many places in the world where you can go for a bushwalk in a national park in the morning, a swim at a world-class beach in the afternoon, and a drink in a bustling city at night.

That’s why we were especially excited to help a Gold Coast client of ours add some energy efficient windows in their home.

A uniquely-Gold Coast window challenge

Gold Coast uPVC windows and doors that are energy efficient

Our client’s home is in Sanctuary Cove, a luxury suburb on the Gold Coast’s Hope Island, which meant we had several factors to keep in mind when installing his windows. Sanctuary Cove is surrounded by the beautiful blue waters of the Coomera River and is only a stone’s throw from the ocean. While this means residents may have a great beach-side lifestyle, they have to be aware of the damage that salt water causes to their homes. And, while sub-tropical Queensland is blessed with 300 days of sunshine a year, the heat can cause building parts to warp and corrode. The Gold Coast weather also means residents have to add extra non-electrical ways to cool their houses down if they want to also save on their electricity bills.

Strong and durable windows for the tropics

For this Gold Coast challenge, we decided to install strong and durable uPVC windows and doors throughout the house. At EE Windows, our window manufacturing experts prefer to use uPVC because it’s resistance to wind, rain, rust, rot and chemical erosion. This BPA-free plastic will also not warp, distort or bend in the hot Australian summer.

Our client also wanted a product that he would not have to worry about again, which is why the 25-year life expectancy on uPVC windows and doors was perfect for him. And with the fantastic insulation properties of uPVC, our client would be using his air conditioner less and saving on his power bill.

What a winning situation for him!

Energy efficient windows and doors for privacy and comfort

uPVC windows for the Gold Coast

The first thing that stands out for us about this project, on reflection, is the wide variety of uPVC windows and doors we installed for this Gold Coast homeowner. We installed several internal and external windows and doors, including glass sliding doors that allow for seamless transition between the inside of the house and the outdoor areas. One of our favourite features is the double-glazed frosted glass doors which allow for added privacy in the house without unsightly blinds. We also installed several Tilt ‘N’ Turn or French doors and windows that allow extra security, as well as sliding windows with flyscreens to stop any mosquitos from the nearby waterways.

We were very pleased with the results of this house, and we’re stoked with the client’s response.

“Hi Paul, I just wanted to tell you that we LOVE your windows and doors you installed into our new home at Sanctuary Cove. Thank you so much for doing a great job! They look amazing. Thanks for the fly screens as well. We did not know they were there when we first saw them, they are just about invisible. Thanks again for a great job and a great product. So glad I chose you guys for my windows.”

Want to find out more about how you can make your home more energy efficient and resistant to the tropical climate? Our team of window experts can give you a free window installation quote today!