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FAQs page

Find the answers to some of the questions we are commonly asked at EE Windows.

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Are the uPVC windows made in Australia?

Yes. We make our uPVC windows and doors according to REHAU’s German model, however, all are manufactured right here in our factories in Australia.

How do uPVC windows and doors fare in the Australian climate? Will they deteriorate in the warmer weather?

Double glazing isn’t just for keeping the warmth in during winter. Being four times more energy efficient than single-pane windows, double glazed windows also help to maintain cooler temperatures throughout your home, office and other buildings during summer.

Double glazed windows are designed in such a way that they create an insulated break between the outside and inside, effectively keeping the heat outside. This gap creates the insulation break between the inside and out, limiting the amount of heat that transfers from one side of the window to the other.

Unlike other window and door frame materials, uPVC will not warp, peel or crack under the stress of hot weather. We use high weather formulation profiles with more titanium dioxide than European profiles, meaning that they’re designed specifically to withstand hotter climates. Our uPVC profiles are highly weather-resistant and hardy, as they are UV stable and backed with our 10-year warranty. We reinforce our UPVC frames with steel for extra strength, resulting in a strong window and door system.

What is the warranty on your window and door range?

We have a 10 year warranty on every product we manufacture, including the hardware, glass and all product components.

Are uPVC windows and doors more difficult to install than other types of windows?

No, they are no more difficult to install than other types of windows, as we can offer flexibility with regards to uPVC window and door design. With uPVC windows available in four different styles – sliding windows, bifold, casement and awning and tilt ‘n’ turn – we can fit your window to your specific design needs.

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