Case Study: Increasing Property Value to Coastal Apartments

December 8, 2021 Tracey

By replacing the old, corroded and leaking single glazed aluminium windows with energy efficient double glazed windows with UPVC frames, the owners of these units can open their windows fully for the first time in decades! The security screens fitted ensures fall prevention and unwanted insects enabling them to enjoy the airflow all year round. With the 8 storey units located right on the coast, EE Windows undertook a redesign to manufacture these windows to withstand the water and wind ratings and extra loads associated with coastal properties.

Stage 1 was completed in 2 weeks and instantly removed the annoying rattling, water damage and unwanted noise. Stage 2 involving the front façade will commence next year following some structural changes to the building.

Large commercial installs undertaken by EE Windows involve the supply and installation of quality products at the best price for our clients, large or small. Our capabilities extend beyond those of our competitors and make us a great choice for your double glazing requirements.