Timber Sliding Doors

Timber Sliding Doors

Nothing is more imortant when designing your home than the window & door selection. The 3 most important ‘S’ factors to consider are: Sustainability (Energy Efficiency), Style and Security. The whole character and thermal performance of your home will be decided by the choices you make at the design phase.

We are now offering the wonderful Lift and Slide door. Using this system makes the movement of the sliding door practically effortless with the pressure of one finger enough to engage the system. Come in to our Showroom today to try this incredible door for yourself!

Benefits of this system include:

Exceptional security and thermal performance

European Design, Engineering and manufacture

Total Frame widths up to 18000mm possible

Sashes up to 3000mm High, 3300mm Wide & 400kg

Bring the great outdoors in with our beautiful timber sliding doors.

These are a fantastic option for homeowners wishing to conserve space yet still open up internal and external space.

Our sliding and multi-slide doors are available in a number of configurations and styles, including the German Engineering Life & Slide to our standard Sliding Door, all come with the option of our timber sliding screen doors or a BFS Retractable Screen.

Are you looking to make your home energy efficient?

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