Timber Window and Door Care

Timber Window and Door Care
March 27, 2018 admin

Our TIMBER windows & doors come with the first coat of Cutek CD50 oil tinted to your colour choice OR white paint primed base coat meaning that all the timber is sealed prior to assembly and glazing. The result is a window or door that is completely sealed from water penetration and makes for applying the top coats after installation a breeze.
*A second coat of Cutek oil must be applied within 1 month of delivery. Failure to do so will void any warranty.

Your Timber doors and windows have been manufactured to last for years, but as with any piece of fine furniture, the finish will require some simple periodic maintenance to keep it looking its best and to provide protection from the elements. We recommend that you maintain wood products exposed to exterior environments annually. If your doors or windows receive a lot of moisture or direct sunlight (Northern and Western exposures, for example), you will want to examine the finish often. Watch for drying and fading, and plan your maintenance accordingly.

To maintain your Timber windows that have had an Oil finish, simply clean the timber and let dry. Simply apply a top coat to Cutek CD 50 in your original colour tint with a brush. The oil will bring back the rich colour of the wood. If your timber has silvered off, simply apply Cutek Proclean and then apply your Cutek CD 50 oil. Your windows and doors will be nourished once again and looking like new.