Double Hung Windows

Timber Double Hung Windows

Nothing is more imortant when designing your home than the window & door selection. The 3 most important ‘S’ factors to consider are: Sustainability (Energy Efficiency), Style and Security. The whole character and thermal performance of your home will be decided by the choices you make at the design phase.

Energy Efficient Windows Australia manufacture timber double hung windows in a number of combinations with your choice of sash styles.

Double Hung windows are a timeless classic that bring elegance to any home. Our first choice of mechanism for this style of window is Magajmabliners, which provide ease of use as well as allowing the sashes to be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. The Megajambliners, which combined with double glazing, , also provide an excellent seal against drafts and limit the amount of movement of the sashes in strong winds. However should you require Spiral Balances, Rope and Pulley or Cord and Weight systems, we are happy to accommodate your needs.

With practical operation and external insect screens, it is hard to go past the classic good looks of a double hung window.

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