UPVC Tilt ‘n’ Turn windows

UPVC Tilt ‘n’ Turn windows

Looking for a European feature which boasts energy efficiency for your home? Incorporate the three most important factors – style, sustainability and security – in your home with our Tilt ‘n’ Turn Windows.

Tilt ‘n’ Turn windows are a European style of window, which has three positions: tilt, open and lock.

The window opens inwards in 2 ways:

Firstly, like a casement that is hinged on the side allowing maximum airflow, with the added benefit of being able to effortlessly and safely clean the glass from the inside. Tilt ‘n’ Turn windows are great for people who have a second storey or where access to the window from the outside is difficult.

Alternatively, Tilt ‘n’ Turn windows can tilt the sash inwards from the top, which is ideal when you want to have some airflow without a draft. They also have the added benefit of being locked while the window is open with our heavy duty multi-point locks, ensuring a tight seal, insulation and security.

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There are many colour choices:

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Golden Oak

Tilt n Turn windows can be any shape or size or combined with other window styles.  The frames are uPVC with an internal steel core offering as good thermal insulation as timber.  Insect screens are easily added to the outside of the window frame.

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