The Advantages of uPVC and timber windows

The Advantages of uPVC and timber windows
March 26, 2018 admin

High thermal and acoustic insulation

High acoustic insulation

Resistant to warping

Save on electricity bills

Fire and chemical resistant

No moisture absorption

Made to withstand QLD weather

Low maintenance

Built to withstand impacts

Flexible design and welding possibilities

Sustainable, environmentally friendly windows with excellent energy ratings

All windows, including double glazed ones, lose and gain heat, in a process called ‘heat transfer’. This heat transfer is expressed in U-values. The lower the U-value, the more insulated the window is and the less heat is transferred. Timber and uPVC window and door frames have low U-values because they are poor conductors of heat, meaning your house stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

According to the Windows Energy Rating Scheme, uPVC and timber windows provide a much higher level of energy efficiency compared to standard aluminium window frames. By keeping hot air outside during the summer months and warm air inside during winter, uPVC and timber window frames will dramatically help cut your power bill and improve the sustainability of your property.

Window Unit


Single glazed aluminium window


Double glazed aluminium window


uPVC double glazed window


Do you want windows that dramatically cut your power bill and increase the value of your property?

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